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May 2024: Letter from the Director

Updated: May 8

Dear Friends of SARA,

Amidst catching up with friends and community partners at our recent open house, I thought about how important it is to have fun at work. There we were - advocates, bankers, trauma therapists, realtors, wildlife rehabbers, and many more. Gathered around a grazing board and a 45th anniversary cake made by Jacqueline, our Advocacy Manager. 

Celebrating forty-five years of service to survivors is a historic milestone. SARA’s 45th Anniversary feels just as remarkable as snapshots from the open house and our team working together to plan the event: making decorations, curating the SARA museum, and preparing refreshments. There was even a collaborative playlist with songs from 1974-1979, our years of establishment to incorporation. We had a lot of fun together while planning this celebration and in preparing to welcome our friends and community partners who make this work possible.

I am grateful to celebrate this anniversary with this team, and with honor and gratitude for those who served in this work before us. Celebrating is good for your mental health. 

As we observe Mental Health Awareness Month, I wish you this – May you make time to prioritize fun and celebration in the workplace.  


Bass Wolf

PS. Check out the May Newsletter!

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