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Hear from Friends of SARA

Why We Give

Philanthropic contributions make this work possible, providing free, confidential services and prevention education programs. Every dollar goes to work right away in our efforts to create a community free from sexual violence. 

I am a survivor of both childhood and adult sexual violence.  I am comfortable sharing that as to why SARA is so valuable.  Also, for me, talk therapy and using a service dog have been life-savers…..and continue to be. 

-J. Adams

Designated the Sexual Assault Resource Agency

as primary beneficiary of life insurance. 


"My hope is with further community involvement and awareness that sexual violence in our community will continue to decline." 

-David Ferrall, Broker at Nest Realty

Contributes a portion of his real estate sales to the Sexual Assault Resource Agency. 

"The work that SARA has done and continues to do for people I care about, as well as just people in general, is extremely important and worth supporting." 

-anonymous monthly donor


"No matter what, the folks at SARA believe survivors. It's sometimes nice to see the world that way. That we believe, we trust, and we do our work from there."

-Jennifer King, CEO Chase Investment Counsel

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