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Take Care Community Cookbook

About the Cookbook

Take Care: a community cookbook with recipes that uplift, comfort, nourish and energize. This will be a collection of refreshing summertime snacks, go-to rainy day stews, favorite dishes to share with close friends, and recipes associated with fond memories. 

Recipes will be collected until August 31, 2023

Cookbook to be released Fall 2023

Submit a Recipe

Recipe Requirements:

  • Please use standard measurements (cups/teaspoons/tablespoons)

  • Bullet instructions in order.

  • Please include a small description of your recipe and explain why it fits the theme. *optional*

Note if your submission is modified from another recipe/author.

Disclaimer* we will edit all submissions as we see fit for consistency and appropriateness for all ages.

To submit a recipe, please click the button below. If you have any questions please email


Order your very own cookbook for a donation of $20. The cookbook is expected to be released around mid-November. Note: If you would like to order more than one cookbook, please select the option for a "Custom Donation" and list your donation amount as [the number of cookbooks x $20].


There are multiple tiers of sponsorship. From ad-based sponsorships to Silver Spoon and Gold Platter sponsors.

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