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Ten Men

Prevention: Programs

Ten Men is a group of ten male-identified people in our region who are taking leadership in preventing gender-based violence – sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, child abuse, neglect, and stalking.  

Each year, a new cohort of ten men from our region commit to: 

  • Gather 7 times, over the course of a year, to build relationships and build their knowledge about prevention. 

  • Identify ways they can bring prevention skills into their personal spheres of influence. 

  • Collaborate to make change in the community. 



Are you interested in increasing your influence to build up our community and stop harm from happening? 

Do you know a man who should be nominated to become one of the Ten Men?  


Contact us at – we are looking forward to partnering with you! 




More information about Ten Men


Modeled after the Ten Men program in Rhode Island and the Safe Men program in Minnesota.



Apply Here

If you would like to apply for SARA's Ten Men Program, click here.

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