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Restaurants Programs

Prevention: Programs

Restaurant Coalition


Our Restaurant Coalition is made up of owners, managers, and bartenders from local restaurants and breweries, who are committed to developing policies and practices to increase the safety of their staff and prevent sexual harassment and violence. This Coalition has developed a reporting and response system for sexual harassment which is being implemented in area restaurants.


On the Fly


Currently implemented in 6 local restaurants, On the Fly is a growing program that managers can adopt in their restaurants to provide proactive support for staff, maintain a healthy workplace culture, and have strategies to address challenges before they arise. Using a color-coded system, staff are trained to say to their manager, “I have a yellow,” “I have an orange,” or “I have a red,” and know that their managers will be able to quickly address the situation, by either keeping an eye out, providing a subtle intervention, or through direct intervention, depending on the severity of the concern. SARA Prevention staff can provide each restaurant with guidelines, manuals, posters, trainings, and support during implementation.


Restaurant Partnerships


We provide support to restaurant leaders by identifying strengths and challenges, and providing supportive resources to enhance positive workplace climate. Partnerships can include offering trainings to help managers and staff intervene in risky situations, problem-solving challenges related to harassment, and connecting leaders with other resources in town.

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