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Looking for a rewarding job in Charlottesville? You are in the right place.


The Sexual Assault Resource Agency is an equal opportunity employer committed to creating and sustaining a culture where all people are treated with dignity and respect. We seek a diverse pool of candidates for each position. Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

Open Positions in Charlottesville, VA

Prevention Specialist

Employment Benefits

Click here, to learn about the employment benefits at SARA.

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Employment Benefits

Benefits Plan

SARA offers health and dental benefits, paid time off, sick leave, an employee assistance program, and other benefits. New employees are eligible for annual health and ancillary benefits at the onset of employment and will be enrolled within 30 days of their start date.

Annual Leave

Full-time employees are eligible for paid vacation which accrues at 8 hours a month for vacation; this equals 12 annual vacation days. Annual Leave is accrued as follows for full-time employees, beginning on the first day of employment. 

1—2 years: 12 days (8 hours/month) 

3—5 years: 18 days (12 hours/month) 

6+ years: 21 days (14 hours/month) 


The SARA Office is closed for 12 federal and state holidays, plus 2 personally-selected “Floating Holidays.”  All employees receive paid time off for those 14 days including New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, President's Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 days), Winter Holiday (last week of December). 

Sick Leave​

Sick leave is granted at a rate of 18 days per year or 12 hours a month beginning on their first day work. 


Sick leave may be accumulated up to a maximum of 25 working days to be used in case of a medical emergency.   Any unused sick leave over 25 days will be forfeited at the end of the fiscal year.  

Addition Leave Benefits

Medical and Family Leave benefits may be requested. Details are outlined in personnel policies. 


All full-time employees are eligible to enroll in the SARA-sponsored retirement plan upon completing one year of full-time employment. Employees will be provided with enrollment information 30 days prior to eligibility and must complete and submit the enrollment paperwork prior to the start of this benefit. 

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