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November Letter From The Director

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Dear Friends of SARA,

I woke up to frost on my steps this morning as I let my dog outside and a foggy mist filled the space between gold and amber leaves. Autumn has always been my favorite season for the beauty of it, for the way it reminds us to turn inward, and mostly for the gift of intentional gratitude. It has been said that thanksgiving is an acknowledgement of our dependence on one another. A reminder that we are not alone.

To the staff and volunteers at SARA, I am in awe of you. Being able to watch this team care, advocate, teach, share, and grow with those who walk through our doors (literally and figuratively) is a source of hope and joy every day. Some of our staff, like our outreach and prevention teams, can be seen out and about town training, meeting, and building relationships with members of our community. Our advocates, therapists, and volunteers do the quieter, individual work of helping survivors heal and thrive. While they might not work in the spotlight, they are the ones who are there in moments of need, times of vulnerability, and seasons of renewal. Thank you to each and every staff and volunteer who strives to serve this community well with integrity, compassion, and fierceness.

To those friends who have given of your time, talent, and treasure, we thank you. You have lifted us up not only with your contributions, but with your hearts. From tattoos to toasts, from Zoom meetings to (finally!) in-person coffees, from donations of snacks to expertise, and everything in between, you have been there for us. You have asked questions and been eager to help meet the needs of our community. You have learned and been curious about our challenges and our successes. We literally could not do this work without you.

To you all, I wish you a season of warmth, kindness, and thanksgiving.


Renee Branson

Executive Director

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