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August 2023: Letter from the Director

Dear Friends of SARA,

I am humbled and honored to write to you as the Interim Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Resource Agency. Summer is a season of reflection for many nonprofits as a new fiscal year begins. In this spirit, I’ve been reflecting on SARA’s strengths, including our dedicated team and each of you who support our work in your own unique way. I want to share how your donations and the dedication of our staff make our critical work possible.

Your donations made so much possible this year. From July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023:

- 327 clients received 2,760 hours of services
- 753 hotline calls from survivors, family, and community partners needing support and information about services - a 52% increase from last year
- 675 sessions of trauma therapy provided at no cost to clients
- 180 community engagement activities including 22 training sessions for allied professionals

Our team of Advocates, Anushey, Jacqueline, Jennifer, and Kenna, walks alongside survivors, offering support during vulnerable moments. The Advocates provide a compassionate ear, a safe space, and an unyielding commitment to helping survivors navigate the difficult journey of accessing justice and healing.

Our Crisis Service Coordinator, Katie, orchestrates the delivery of 24-hour services to survivors in need. They work diligently behind the scenes to ensure these programs run smoothly and the service providers, Hotline Volunteers and Emergency Room Advocates, receive adequate training and meaningful recognition.

The impact of our Hotline Volunteers cannot be overstated. These compassionate individuals provide a listening ear, offer validation, and provide essential information and resources. Thanks to your support, we can train and retain volunteers to be the empathetic voices on the other end of the line, guiding survivors toward healing.

Our Emergency Room Advocates are the frontline heroes who accompany survivors during their visits to the hospital after an assault. They provide emotional support, offer information about medical procedures, and advocate for survivors' needs during an extremely vulnerable time. Your donations ensure these individuals receive necessary training and resources to be a reassuring presence for survivors at the hospital.

Our therapists, Marni, Nicole, and Mercer, play a crucial role in shared work. Their expertise and empathy guides survivors towards the path of healing. With their specialized training in trauma therapy, this team ensures survivors receive professional help needed to cope with the emotional aftermath of sexual violence.

Our prevention specialists, Carley, Abby, and Lindsey, are committed to breaking the cycle of sexual violence through educational programs and community partnerships. They empower individuals and systems to recognize and challenge harmful behaviors, fostering a culture of consent and respect.

Our Office Manager, Priya, greets clients at our Greenbrier office, supports the work of each of our teams, and assists in a variety of critical tasks to help keep our doors open.

The SARA Staff works tirelessly, not just to provide immediate assistance, but also to promote long-term change.

Your support provides the resources necessary to train and equip our staff, ensuring they have the tools to make an actual difference in the lives of those we serve. Thanks to your generous donations, our staff and clients can focus on their mission to eliminate sexual violence and its impacts.

On behalf of our entire team, I extend my heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and investment in our work. Thank you for being an essential part of our mission.

With gratitude, Bass Wolf Interim Executive Director
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