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🔦Volunteer Spotlight: February 2022

This month’s volunteer spotlight is on Hotline Volunteer Mia Gale. Mia became a hotline volunteer almost exactly a year ago. Since completing her 40-hour training, Mia has volunteered over 160 hours on SARA’s 24/7 hotline. Volunteering with Mia is amazing because she brings her creative, compassionate, and empathetic energy everywhere she goes. Mia currently works as a Digital Coordinator for Visit Films, a Brooklyn-based film sales and distribution company and is headed off to get her MSW in the fall.

Mia says, “Volunteering at SARA over the past year has been a great way to stay connected and make a difference during the pandemic. In times like these we all feel powerless, and through my work at SARA I’ve been able to safely help people in my own community. The hotline volunteer training is so informative and interesting and a great learning experience! I begin my Master’s program in Social Work this fall, and volunteering at SARA was a great way for me to gain experience to prepare myself to become a therapist in the future.”

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