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September 2023: Letter from the Director

Dear Friends of SARA,

This role affords me the privilege of witnessing the profound impact SARA has on the lives of survivors of sexual violence and the responsibility of sharing that impact with each of you.

This month, I want to emphasize the invaluable nature of our commitment to providing free services to survivors and the far-reaching economic consequences of sexual violence.

The article "Economics as a Factor in Sexual Violence” describes the profound economic toll of sexual violence on individuals and our communities. The financial strain stemming from medical bills, therapy expenses, and lost wages magnify the trauma endured by survivors.

“The economic impact of sexual violence is estimated to be over $122,000 per victim throughout their lifetime. The financial consequences...for survivors who are already facing poverty and economic hardship can impact their ability to maintain housing, and feed and care for their family. Economic insecurity is also a risk factor for experiencing sexual violence.” (NSVRC)

As an organization dedicated to healing and empowerment, we recognize that offering free services is not just an act of empathy but a vital step toward breaking this cycle of economic hardship.

By providing survivors with free services, we offer them a lifeline to recovery, enabling clients to access the care they need to reclaim their lives. These services not only help survivors regain their mental and physical well-being, but also carry the potential to reduce the long-term societal costs associated with unaddressed trauma symptoms.

Our commitment to survivors reverberates beyond individual healing. Aiding individual clients on their journey toward recovery and resilience also contributes to a stronger, more resilient community. We envision a world where survivors are not defined by their past experiences but by their ability to overcome adversity.

Your partnership is vital in this pursuit of a more just and compassionate society. Together, we can foster healing, resilience, and economic well-being for survivors while making a lasting impact on the broader societal costs of sexual violence.

Thank you for your steadfast support and dedication to our mission. Your contribution is an investment in the brighter future we aspire to create.
With Gratitude,
Bass Wolf Interim Executive Director
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