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Letter from the Director

Hello Friends of SARA,

Happy June! June is an end to the school year, longer days, warmer weather, Pride Month, and *EXHALE* finally an end in sight to the COVID pandemic. There is much to celebrate.

For us here at SARA, it is also the close of our fiscal year. As we wind down this fiscal year and prepare for the next, it comes with new opportunities and new challenges. I want to share what our next challenge is and how you can help us continue to thrive.

A week ago we were informed that part of our government grant funding would be reduced by 60%. This grant award has traditionally covered a large portion of our clinical and advocacy programming. Why the drastic reduction? These funds come from the Victim of Crime Act’s (VOCA) Crime Victim Fund. It is a non-taxpayer pool of money that comes from monetary penalties associated with federal criminal convictions. That pool of money is drying up. Over the last two years, VOCA victim services grants have been cut by 74%. This year, some of those cuts hit SARA. We are committed to closing that funding gap and meeting the needs of this community.

How you can help:

  • If you support SARA now or have in the past, we ask that you continue your support.

  • If you are able to increase your giving to SARA even just by 10% it can make a dramatic difference.

  • If your company or place of employment offers a giving match program, you could double your giving capacity!

  • Many hands make light work—join with friends and family to poll funds together and create a “Giving Circle.”

  • Contact your legislators. There is a VOCA Fix Bill (S.611) in the Senate right now that will add a new (still non-taxpayer) source of revenue to the Crime Victims Fund. Call your Senator and ask them to support the VOCA Fix Bill.

  • Spread the word. We want to friend-raise as much as we need to fundraise. Talk about our services and pass along our information. Follow us our social media platforms and share our posts. Find out where we will be around the community and come say “hi!”

Speaking of coming by and saying “hi,” stop by Music on the Lawn at Stonefield on Friday, June 25th. Music that night will benefit SARA and we will be there to answer questions, hand out some giveaways, and offer up some great “Love Is Stronger Than Hate” swag for those who donate!

Our Executive Director talking with our former Governor about the importance of supporting agencies like SARA.

With gratitude,

Renee Branson

Executive Director

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