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Interview with the SARA Outreach Team

Meet the SARA Outreach Team

What are your roles on the Outreach Team?

Sheri: As the Outreach Director, I oversee the Crisis Response Services (the 24-hour hotline volunteers and the ER Advocates) and am a member of the Leadership Team. I am also the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Coordinator and the liaison to our UVA Forensic Nursing partners. Lexie: I am the Crisis Services Coordinator. I work directly with the folks who are on the front line of our crisis response services (the hotline and ER) including facilitating their training and ongoing support. I work with other SARA Volunteers.

What does the Outreach Team do?

The SARA Outreach Team is directly connected to the communities that we serve. We participate in community events, provide training for businesses and community organizations. We also train and coordinate SARA Hotline Volunteers, Emergency Room Advocates, and interns.

What are you working on in 2020?

Right now, we are working on cross-checking all of our grant compliance requirements so we can become accredited in 2021. It isn't the most exciting task, but it does show how much we do throughout the year! We are also in the middle of a hotline volunteer training, while revamping the volunteer onboarding process to include new materials we've gained through recent training in Community Resilience Initiative. Lexie co-leads three Women’s Empowerment Groups at Fluvanna Women's Correctional Center, Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, and the Women's Center at Moore's Creek with a member of the Direct Services team who you will meet in an upcoming newsletter. These groups focus on personal and emotional development to support women in our community who are in confinement and treatment settings. Every year, we host many different events in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Stay tuned for more details!

How can someone get involved with SARA?

We are always looking for volunteers, especially for our hotline! The hotline is a 24/7 service and is primarily answered by volunteers. It’s an incredible opportunity, that offers volunteers personal growth and many transferable skills during training and while they are serving. We love participating in community events, so stopping by the SARA table is a great way to interact with us.

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