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Green Dot & Gold Dot: Get Connected

Green Dot is a national initiative that focuses on preventing violence through bystander intervention. Green Dot teaches bystanders how they can step into a situation when they see signs that may lead to or indicate sexual assault, sexual harassment, child abuse, racial discrimination, and/or dating violence. Through training, events, and marketing, Green Dot offers solutions to these issues and engages high school audiences through activities and discussion. Louisa County High School was the first high school in Virginia to adopt the Green Dot curriculum and refers to this initiative as Gold Dot (reflecting school colors).

Because the majority of our audience for Green Dot and Gold Dot are high school students, we have created two Instagram pages to engage them in the norms and concepts we aim to promote. The graphics shown on both Instagram pages, @chsknightsgreendot and @LCHSgolddot, are developed and created by either students or volunteers in order to promote community and student voice. These efforts have been crucial to share information and updates, especially while practicing safe, virtual methods and social distancing during COVID-19.

By having a presence on social media, we encourage the Charlottesville and Louisa communities to participate in prevention by normalizing bystander intervention and gaining a better understanding of not only how to notice if a ‘red dot’ might occur, but also what options you have to spread this message in your own social groups and spheres of influence. This includes posts related to how to step into situations safely, self-love and self-care, resource awareness, racial justice and recognition, and general Green Dot information.

Our Instagram pages are public, meaning anyone can follow us. Feel free to follow us on Instagram to stay updated @chsknightsgreendot and @LCHSgolddot or e-mail the coordinator at or

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