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From the Direct Services Team

SARA will be hosting two groups focusing on building resilience skills, one for teens and one for adults. Both groups will begin March 2021.  

Resilience is the ability to return to being healthy and hopeful after bad things happen. Resilience can buffer the impact of the trauma and suffering that we experience. In these groups, we will focus on three areas to help build and strengthen participants’ resilience: self-regulation, co-regulation, and positive self-identity.  We will discuss topics including emotions, emotion regulation, mindfulness/the mind-body connection, healthy relationships and connections, healthy communication, boundaries, consent, and positive self-identity.

The Adult Resilience Group will be facilitated by our Outreach Advocate, Jessica and the Teen Resilience Group will be co-facilitated by our Child and Family Advocate, Christine, and Outreach Advocate, Jessica.

Here’s a little more about our facilitators:

As the Child and Family Advocate, Christine’s role is focused on working with survivors 18 and under as well as their loved ones and guardians. She primarily works with those who are looking for support and need a safe place to process the trauma they have experienced and connecting them with other resources in our community.

As the Outreach Advocate, Jessica’s role is focused on facilitating programming and working with/providing advocacy services to survivors who are, or have been, incarcerated. She also co-facilitates multiple empowerment and resilience groups with our Crisis Services Coordinator.

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