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August Letter from the Director

Greetings Friends of SARA,

Like many of you who are parents, I am finding it is hard to believe that we are in Back to School Month already! This is especially significant after the last year and a half of remote learning. Whether you are a parent of a K-12 aged child, sending a young adult off to college, or perhaps a student yourself, a big part of getting ready for the return to academic life is about access to the best resources. This is the month of making sure those check-ups and immunizations, computer and phone apps, and school records are all up-to-date.

Another Back-to-School resource to have at the ready is right here at SARA. Here are just a few things we can provide both parents and students:

· Parents or guardians looking for ways to talk to you children or teen about healthy sexual development, including consent and sexual abuse, reach out to our Prevention Team at

· Students (and parents) who needs information, a confidential person to listen, or resources for help, our 24/7 Hotline is 434-977-7273 (we text too!)

· Teachers and school administrators looking for classroom-based abuse prevention education can contact the Prevention Team.

· Parents and loved ones of survivors need support too! To make an appointment with a SARA Advocate, call our office at 434-295-7273

· College-age students and parents whose children are at school during the day who are looking for volunteer opportunities, we have a variety of volunteer opportunities from Hotline Volunteers to Event Volunteers and more. Reach out to our Crisis Services & Volunteer Coordinator at

Here’s to a happy, healthy return to school!

With gratitude,

Renee Branson

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