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Ten Men

SARA’s prevention team has been working on an exciting program called Ten Men, which is modeled after a program of the same name in Rhode Island and the Safe Men program in Minnesota. The goal for Ten Men is to strengthen member relationships (with themselves, their communities, and each other) as well as to empower and equip them with the tools necessary to leverage their passions and connections to increase the safety in our community. Ten Men facilitates growth and empowers leaders to elevate marginalized voices in our community, shift narratives, and ultimately prevent abuse.

What is Ten Men?

Ten Men is a program that enables a group of ten male-identified people from our region who are taking leadership in preventing gender-based violence – sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, child abuse, neglect, and stalking. Each year, the group will gather seven times, to build their knowledge about prevention. They will identify ways they can bring their prevention skills into their personal spheres of influence and collaborate to make change in the community. This will result in members developing a Personal Action Project that feel will help their communities. We ask that the men joining bring their full selves into the space, be open minded, engage with the content, and share your own opinions and experiences to best serve their communities.

Why is Ten Men Needed?

In the past, attempts to address gender-based violence have primarily been led by women. Many of the efforts were also reactionary and often focused on victimization. Our goal, as an alternative, is to be proactive and prevent harm before it happens. By creating the Ten Men program we are inviting men into the conversation of prevention because it effects everyone not one group. This is an opportunity to use our power and influence to create cultural change and build a community of men in our region who empower and support each other in taking action over time that create real change. 

When Will Ten Men Begin?

We are currently in our recruitment phase of the program and plan to start the first cohort in July/August of 2022. Are you or do you know of a male identified person that has a passion for helping their community and want to take an active role in preventing gender-based violence?  Contact us at, apply here or make your nomination.

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