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SARA's 40-Hour Crisis Services Training

All SARA staff and hotline volunteers attend a 40-hour crisis services training. The training consists of lectures, small group activities, community speakers, SARA staff presentations, self-guided study and reading, and call simulation. Topics covered at the training include:

  • Basic Advocacy and Counseling Skills

  • Information on Sexual Assault

  • Self-Care

  • Trauma-Informed Care

  • Cultural Humility

  • Suicide and Self-Inflicted Harm

  • Domestic Violence

  • Legal Information and Processes

  • Medical Information and Processes

  • Challenging Call Scenarios and Simulation

The topics and training requirements are regulated by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

The trainings for 2022 will be on the following dates:


Monday, January 10 5:30-8:30p

Wednesday, January 12 5:30-8:30p

Saturday, January 15 10a-4p

Monday, January 17 5:30-8:30p

Wednesday, January 19 5:30-8:30p

Monday, January 24 5:30-8:30p

Wednesday, January 26 5:30-8:30p

Saturday, January 29 10a-4p


Tuesday, May 3 5:30-8:30p

Thursday, May 5 5:30-8:30p

Saturday, May 8 10a-4p

Tuesday, May 10 5:30-8:30p

Thursday, May 12 5:30-8:30p

Tuesday, May 17 5:30-8:30p

Thursday, May 19 5:30-8:30p

Saturday, May 21 10a-4p


Tuesday, October 4 5:30-8:30p

Thursday, October 6 5:30-8:30p

Saturday, October 8 10a-4p

Tuesday, October 11 5:30-8:30p

Thursday, October 13 5:30-8:30p

Tuesday, October 18 5:30-8:30p

Thursday, October 20 5:30-8:30p

Saturday, October 22 10a-4p

All prospective hotline volunteers must attend all training sessions in a season to take calls on SARA’s 24/7 hotline. For more information on becoming a hotline volunteer or attending a crisis services training please contact

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