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Making a Planned Gift

Making a Planned Gift

A carefully planned gift gives you the opportunity to make an impact with your estate while still caring for your loved ones. A planned gift can shape the future of our community and ensures healing resources for survivors for years to come. What is a planned gift? The Planned Giving Program ensures that we can continue to create positive change in our community for years to come. Planned gifts take many forms and can reduce income and estate taxes and help fulfill your personal charitable objectives. Please, consult with your attorney or other professional adviser in considering a planned gift to the Sexual Assault Resource Agency.

Name the Sexual Assault Resource Agency in Your Charitable Trust

Trusts, including charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts, allow you to make a generous gift to the SARA while meeting your family’s financial needs. As with any planned gift, you can designate your gift for a specific program or leave it unrestricted for the agency to use where we most need it.

Make a Bequest

With a bequest – through your will or living trust – you can leave all or part of your estate to the Sexual Assault Resource Agency. Bequests can be a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. General unrestricted bequests can support our operations and provide services to survivors of sexual violence for years to come.

Donate Unneeded Life Insurance

Whether you own a term or whole life policy, or have employer-provided insurance, you can choose to include the Sexual Assault Resource Agency. You can name SARA as primary or contingent beneficiary for all or a percentage of your policy.

Leave SARA your Unused Retirement Plans

As with insurance, you can also name the Sexual Assault Resource Agency as a beneficiary of a 401(k), 403(b) or IRA. You retain full use of your funds in your lifetime with the remainder flowing to the agency.

Please, consult with your financial and estate advisers before committing to any gift. Through connections of our board of directors, we may suggest contacting partners at Royer Caramanis, PLC or Scott Kroner, PLC.

For further information about making a planned gift, please contact us at (434) 295-7273.

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