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Introducing the Parent Council

The Parent Council is a cohort of parents who meet regularly to develop outreach, training, and prevention resources to support parents and guardians in our community, as part of SARA’s Prevention programs.

Parents on the council are selected based on years of experience as a parent, and commitment to protective factors that can prevent sexual violence. Parents on the council are willing to use their own experiences to help other parents and continually increase their own knowledge about sexual violence prevention in order to promote health in the community.

Parent Council members are committed to being a resource to other parents and guardians as they move through each stage of their children’s lives. Their goal is to provide encouragement, reassurance, guidance, and connection so that no parent feels alone as they guide their children towards healthy relationships and healthy emotional lives.

Two of the main goals of the council are:

1. Helping parents in our region talk with their children and teens about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and healthy sexual development, including consent, sexual abuse, objectification, and addressing sexual harassment in public, in school, and in the workplace

2. Promoting social-emotional skills and community-building, including increased empathy, bystander intervention tools, and understandings of intersectionality

The group is producing a video series of conversations, the first of which was released this week. We invite you to watch a conversation on “Radical Acceptance” by clicking on this link.

Please join our Facebook group to meet each of the Parent Council members, stay connected, get access to resources and support, and learn about upcoming events.


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