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Spotlight on Prevention

Get to know our Prevention Team!


Hi my name is Carley, and most people who are close to me call me Carlz!! I love Mexican food and will always appreciate a new local spot to try some tasty tacos. One thing that I like to practice outside of work, that makes me a stronger practitioner is lift some HEAVY WEIGHTS! Exercise and strength building have empowered me to redefine what 'strength' means - physically and mentally. Working on myself, I believe, translates into the work that I do with the Prevention Team every day at SARA!


Jada graduated from James Madison University with a Hospitality degree, knowing that the field of helping others looked a bit differently in her mind and what she wanted to pursue. She is actively passionate about supporting, educating, and advocating with local youth around abuse and violence prevention while consistently asking the question ‘How can we make this more relatable and accessible to EVERYONE?’ Jada is proud to work with local teens to have their voices heard and included in not only the Green Dot initiative, but any other needs they find to be important to their own communities. While adults are also a key partner in the success of this work, the inspiration and understanding that comes from the younger population should not be taken for granted or be thought of as any less of important. To match her goofy and enthusiastic personality, Jada has a strong love for food, cooking, family, and comedy.

Laurie Jean

I am so proud of the work our team does on a daily basis. I truly believe that it is possible to build a better and safer future, and we are so lucky to have this team paving the way. A little about me? I am super passionate about the limbic system – and reading up on the ever-expanding research on the brain! About once a week, you can find me out in the mountains – reading Mary Oliver, painting, building a fire, or hiking – but definitely in the mountains. At work, I get to partner with amazing people throughout our community, and I especially love working with parents and guardians to build up their confidence, explore tools for emotional well-being, and support them in fostering safety and connection within their families and throughout our community.

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