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January 2023: Letter from the Director

Updated: Jan 10

Once again, we blinked, and another calendar year has arrived! Happy 2023! During our first team meeting of the new year, I asked everyone whether they were “resolution people” or not. Folks generally seem to be in one camp or the other and we had a pretty even split. I usually don’t make a resolution, but this year I decided I want to be more creative.

Over the holiday break I crocheted my very first scarf. Reader, I will be honest: it is not pretty. The weave is loose and it has more than a few dropped stitches. But it is soft and it is warm so that’s a win. I also have a watercolor kit waiting to be opened and ingredients to make homemade candles; deciding how I want to be creative was more challenging than I expected. Perhaps my resolution should have been “how to make a decision.”