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From the Prevention Team

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Coaching Boys Into Men – June Prevention Team Blog Post

Who influences you? What impact does that person have on your decisions, behaviors, values, and norms? They’re probably really impactful – right?

For young men, coaches are consistently ranked as one of the most influential people in their youth life. In this role, coaches are uniquely positioned to teach and model healthy behavior. SARA’s Prevention Team is excited to be launching a new program this year, Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM). CBIM is a program that will train coaches to have conversations with young men about healthy relationships with peers, friends, family, and people who are different from themselves. Through this collaborative program, teams will be able to establish norms that uphold these values, and help them practice being an active bystander in their community.

You can read more about the program below! If you have any questions, or think CBIM would be a good fit for your community, please reach out to Carley Wilson at!

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