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First Convo Expo

Parents and Caregivers,

At the end of April, we gathered resources and support for caregivers at our first Convo Expo. Below is a summary of who was there and how you can access these resources today. Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities when counselors and parent educators will be available at events over the summer.

Trauma and Resilience:

Jessi, SARA Advocate, provides support to survivors of sexual assault.

The SARA Prevention Team staff can help you plan conversations about consent, and keeping each other safe.

The Parent Council are parents who share their experiences and support other parents.

SHE staff can help you with establishing healthy boundaries and healthy relationships in your family.

The Region Ten prevention team provides support to parents who have concerns about their teens’ mental health, including depression, anxiety, suicide prevention, and drug misuse prevention.


Archer Maness is a counselor who specializes in attachment, the teen years, and drug misuse prevention. His goal is to help parents be the person their children turn to.

Jennifer McLothlin brought amazing journals and activity boxes - reach out to her to learn about the resources she can provide. She can help parents learn how to de-escalate conflict with a smart gentle hand.

Dawn Lawson is a Parent Coach with City of Promise. She helps support parents as their children’s primary teachers.

Sexual Health Education:

Norman Dorise provides sex education through the Blue Ridge Health District. He can teach about safer sex, using condoms, and other best practices.

Mary Sullivan is a sex educator through the Teen Health Clinic. She is a resource and support to caregivers, teens, and young adults who are navigating sexual health needs.


The Women's Initiative provides counseling and groups, as well as resilience education, to adults in our region on a sliding scale.

CAVA provides counseling and support to families and teens, including parent support and guidance.

We were grateful to have all of these amazing people in one place, and to have counselors and health educators available for free to the community. Keep an eye out for the next Convo Expo where you can get your questions answered!

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